Dvd drive locks explorer


this all started when i reinstalled because of some stuttering.

i then installed the latest daemon tools so that i can use some games without using the discs. but then i found that i could no longer use the physical drive. the virtual drives work perfectly, but the physical drive fails to load, and locks explorer, and nearly kills the whole system. i have reinstalled several times since then, and used older versions of daemon tools, but every time i install daemon tools, the dvd drive locks explorer.

help please!

intel q6600 @3.00ghz
4GB 800mhz ram
gigabyte p35-ds3 rev 2.0
samsung 500 GB hdd SATA 2
seagate barracuda 160GB SATA (disconnecting this doesnt help
Maxtor 300GB ide (disconnecting this doesnt help)
NEC 3540A DVD drive

windows vista home premium x64
daemon tools 4.12.0
cyberlink power director 7

Not sureā€¦have you contacted Daemon Tools: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/announcements.php

ill do that.

but it was working perfectly on the installation that stuttered, which leads me to believe that daemon tools isnt to blame.

or my MOBO.