DVD Drive locked to region 1!


I’ve been backing up my region 2 dvd’s for a while now as I’ve been getting them, and bought some region 1 dvd’s. . When I opened them with DVD Shrink it asked me to change the region for my dvd player (Pioneer 110). Like a fool, I did. Now it will only play/backup R1 movies! When I put a region 2 one in, I can’t play it at all and DVD shrink asks me to change the region code again. It said “Your dvd recorder only allows you to change the region one more time.” I try to change it to R2 again, but it say’s Region change failed! What should I do?

P.S I have tried re-installing dvd shrink, and have downloaded this program-

When I run it, it says the drive is locked to region 1, the user has 1 change left and manufacturer has 4

Ok, I just updated my firmware from 1.17 to 1.37. Now, when I try to play the R2 dvd with power dvd player it comes up with error message-
ESDI driver or ASPI manager is not compatible"

and when I try to open the disc with DVD Shrink, the analysing box comes up and then say’s -
DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue, Failed to read D:/, overlapped I/O operation in progress.

Please somebody help quick! Thanks.

But the aspi is installed on your system? You can find the wnasp32.dll in the windows system folders. Also for your region problem you can try a rpc1 firmware, but keep in mind it’s on your own risk.
Also to have region free discs you can try AnyDVD.

I’ll try the firmware now, What do you mean about the Wnasp file. I’ve managed to find the file in windows/system but what do I do with it?

Ok, The firmware from the link worked, Thanks a lot, my drive is now region free :smiley:

However, I’ve still got the problem with power dvd with the ASPI thing. Can you sort that out for me? Thanks

Does this only happen with powerdvd?
Have you tried some other player software like Vlc or media player classic both are free?
It could be that a reinstall maybe solve that with powerdvd. Also you can download for sure a newer aspi file. Just google for it you’ll find it.


I’ve tryed downloading another ASPI file, but when I click on install it say’s a ASPI drivers are already fully installed and fully working. Would prefer to use Power dvd player,but will give VLC a try. Have also tried re-installing power dvd

Just tryed and VLC Media player works fine, But I’d prefer to use Power DVD as it is better for DVD Movies.

Cause i don’t know what version you’re using i’d recommend you to have a look at the FAQ’s for PowerDVD. Here

Thanks rapid fire, managed to get everything sorted out :D:D

Nice to hear that. :wink: