Dvd drive killed my multimedia audio controller

Newb-ish question here - was never very good at dealing with hardware, but maybe at least I’ll entertain some of you with my boneheaded story.

So I snagged an NEC 2510, swapped it in for my old 12x CD burner, and everything seemed great. I copied the old settings (it was a secondary slave), and realized that I was still burning CDs at around 12x, and DVDs were crawling along at 1.3x. Various FAQs and old threads here told me, “Make that drive the master, you idiot, and make sure your DMA settings are right.” Sweet, now we’re burning at 4x (not 8x, probably an issue with the Ritek media).

Unfortunately while fixing that I broke everything else. After switching the drive to the master, my Multimedia Audio Controller died. It brings up the “install new hardware” wizard, and can’t find drivers for it (Win2k didn’t have it, nor did Windows Update or the SB CDs). I have a SB Live, with the 5" bay control panel in front. All the SB drivers are working fine, but I have no audio other than the mobo’s “beep” (it’s a 1stMainboard AD11, BTW).

The only thing I can think of is that I stupidly had the cable plugged into my drives the wrong way when I first switched the master/slave jumpers (honest mistake, since you have to twist the cable in an awkward way to plug in the drives correctly). I booted up that way, and my computer was extremely unhappy (couldn’t even mount the hard drive), but it seemed fine when I corrected the error. It seems unlikely to me that this would fry my sound card, so it seems more likely that this is a configuration problem.

Smaller problem: can’t get both my old DVD-ROM and the new NEC drive to both work at the same time unless the DVD-ROM is the master. Why? Does it matter which order the cable reaches them? (the way the drives are arranged the cable I have only reaches with the burner coming first and the DVD-ROM at the end). Somehow I don’t think the cable is the problem - maybe this was a casualty of the upside-down cable?

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. Thanks!

It seems highly unlikely that you have a conflict between the DVD writer and the sound card. Have you checked your control panel sound and audio settings and made sure they all say the correct driver name for each component such as Playback, Record?

Thanks, but all my audio drivers seem to be fine. Actually, I think I have bigger problems now, as my computer no longer boots - can’t even get into the BIOS setup. Looks like I managed to fry my motherboard… Seems like a harsh punishment for a backwards IDE cable - anyone have other theories about what happened?