Dvd drive is there but wont read or write to disk!



I recently found that my HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B DVDWRITER stopped reading and writing, but when troubleshooting the problem i found that xp reported that there was no problems with the drive and that it was working fine!
After weeks of fiddling I bought a new dvdwriter (BENQ DVD DC DW1670) and guess what , it did exactly the same as the last one!
Windows reads that the drive is there and it is working fine but the drive fails to read or write any kind of disk.
Iam thinking it may be the IDE cable but why would it read that all is well?
Thanks for reading folks and please help!


check your jumpers on the drives and make sure that one is set as master, and one is set as slave. If that is good, go into control panel/device manager, and uninstall your primary and secondary IDE’s. Then reboot and let windows autodetect. See if that works.



Sorry for being a total goober here but could you elaborate on your post, I am having the same problem here with my External DVD Rewriter but I have no idea what Jumpers are or how to find an IDE, can you explain a bit more?



External drives are generally USB devices and are set up differently than their internal counterparts. Some should be plug-n-play and all will use a software package to write to a disc.
As to the other case-you have installed an internal drive. If you happen to be using a 40-conductor cable that is a problem these days. You should have an 80 for a DVD drive as well as your Hard Disc drives. The setup that works for me uses BOTH IDE channels. The Hard drives are on the Primary cable and the CD/DVD drives are on the Secondary. These will show up in Control Panel/System/Device Manager (in Windows XP). As noted-make sure that the CD?DVD drive jumpers (little plastic plug on back are set Master on one and Slave on the other drive. If you only have one CD/DVD then it will be Master and on the end of the 80 conductor cable.
Once you open the Device Manager you will be able to see whether any devices are not working properly. If all is well there will be no ‘!’ in yellow. I agree that it might be useful to uninstall the drives, reboot and let Windows find them again. Also, make sure that your recording software is OK-it could be corrupted. Easy fix is to uninstall and reinstall it. Good luck