DVD drive fail to detect any disc put in (Optiarc AD-7630A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7630A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi. I have some problems with my DVD-RW drive on my laptop and would like to ask for your expertise.

The DVD-RW drive is a Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530A on a HP laptop (on a Windows XP OS). I have been using it to play dvd for movies and for data without problems for 2 years. I use Nero to burn any dvd. It had been no problem at all.

Problems started after I failed to burn a data dvd with Nero. It was stuck with final lead-out process for over an hour so I aborted the burning process. After that I rebooted the computer and things started to go wrong.

The drive now cannot detect any disc (both CDs and DVDs, new blank ones and with data). When I put a disc into the tray, it will go in, and I can hear the clicking sounds as if it is reading a disk. After three attempts, it would stop, and does not detect anything. So every time I put a disk in, whether it has data on it or with movie, when I click into the disk drive, E Drive, from My Computer, it will still say “Please insert a disk into E: drive”

I tried to uninstall/install the hardware, but even Windows finds it as a new hardware, it is still not picking up any discs. I tried to remove the upper and lower filters from running regedit and it didn’t work either. In the Device Manager, the property of the DVD drive is still showing “This device is working properly” and I do not find any new drivers to update.

Do you know how can I solve this? I would not hesitate to reinstall the OS if it is required (kinda desperated here), but the problem is, it doesn’t even detect a Windows XP installation disc. I’m out of ideas here. Can you help me please?

Thank you very much!


Have you checked DMA status of the drive? It should be Ultra DMA 4 or 2 (don’t know which for this particular drive). There is a link to Womble’s guide to check DMA in my signature.

Have you tried putting in a bootable disk, like your operating system disk and see if it will read that when you reboot? It sounds like you have in that last paragraph, but would like to confirm.

Thanks Kerry56 for your quick response. To your questions, I had reset the DMA status and it said nothing to be changed. Its current transfer mode is: Multi-Word DMA Mode 2.
And unfortunately, it doesn’t pick up a bootable disk (it is Windows XP SP3 installation disk). There was some clicking sounds when the computer is starting up, but it didn’t get into the “booting from CD” stage. It just went straight to the Windows XP startup screen.
Thanks again, Kerry56. ^^

If it won’t read a bootable disk, then I’m afraid there isn’t much hope for it. The drive may have started to fail in the midst of that burn in Nero, and now may be toast.

Stick around for a while though. We have others here who are better with laptops and slimline drives than me, so you may get more options from other members.

I have an Acer (Vista) lappy that gave me a similar problem…Deleting the upper and lower filters fixed it…You did re-boot after removing filters right?
Maybe try a previous restore point…Or try reboot>f8> Advanced Boot Options screen>Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER.
Hope it helps…

Thanks t0nee1, but rebooting with last known good configuration didn’t work either.

What is freaky(?)/fortunate(?) about this is that, when put disc into the tray, it still has that clicking sounds where the drive starts reading it. Just that, it never does detect there’s a disc.
At this point, I don’t even know what went wrong… a software problem or a hardware problem…

This drive is damaged.

Thanks everyone for helping. I do have one last question about a Plan B.

So if I have an external DVD-RW drive attaching to the laptop, is going to support a bootable Windows installation disc. I heard rumors that when you attach such drive thru USB, and because restallation system is like resetting everything, so the laptop cannot run installation on an external DVD-RW drive thru USB. Is it true?

I have a tendency of reinstalling Windows every so often when it got viruses or certain settings became so weird to fix. So I have to be careful for now. Also, if the above is true, I may just consider getting an external harddrive and transfer to-be-burned-to-dvds-data from this laptop to my other computers to burn into disc.