Dvd drive ejects media after 10 seconds

ok. it seems to just do this in winxp, i cant remember if it did it or not in win2k.
whenever i put any kind of media, be it a dvd movie or cd media,
the drive closes, and then , the light flashes for 10 seconds, and finally it ejects it right back out.
now sometimes i can open a program such as nero, and it will keep the disc inside , like when i try to copy a cd, but i shouldnt have to keep doing this.
under the device manager, it shows my model of the drive under the cd/dvd drives.
but the drivere that is installed is a standard cd-rom driver, yet there are only cd-rom drivers available in xp to choose from.
the type of dvd-rom is a hi-val (yeah i know it aint the best, but it was all i caould afford at the time) and it is pretty new, like 3 months old.
can anyone help?


normally,when a reader get back a disc is because
he can’t recogninze it as disc

probably your laser out of specification…:frowning: