Dvd drive doesnt play all my dvds



im having a problem with my dvd drive reading dvds. i had xp in stalled on my dell inspiron and it only played some not all and ask for a dvd encoder/decoder. the drive doesnt een detect the dvd. my brother in laws has a dell inspiron 600m and his plays all dvds with out a decoder installed. both laptops have been formated and installed with xp. the 600m played all dvds from the start without installing a encoder/decoder. on the other hand mine only plays some and its asking for one. my dvd drive isa tsstcorp l632d. i installed powerdvd and its doesnt read my dvd. please help!! any help will be appreciated. is there a different drive i can buy that will work like the 600m?


PowerDVD should have solved the problem. XP [B]does not[/B] come with a native dvd decoder.

Try the free media player VLC. It can play dvds for you. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/


i tried powerdvd and it didnt work. why does the dell inspiron 600m paly all dvds without a problem? that dell didnt have anything installed to play them. mine plays some but not all. it plays tears of the sun but it wont play 2 fast 2 furious, jack ass 2 and kiss of the dragon. the ones it dont play, it doesnt even detect them.


If it play some and not others, it most likely is not a codec, if they are all DVD Mpeg2 not DivX.
If you are talking about commercial DVDs, than I would call Dell support and ask.
If it is burned media, than check what type your drive support.
It may need firmware upgrade.


I have a similar problem with my asus DRW-2014L1T … it is not reading some game dvds n dvd videos… After inserting the Dvd it tries to read it for a while then nothing happens n [B]it shows no drive inserted[/B] in the dvd drive which is very strange… i have the latest firmware 1.02 … can any one pls help on this…