DVD drive dibilitated by HP Upgrade Popup



Hello Benquees! My DVD 400c (FH04) was fine until I responded to the popup - “An upgrade is available for your DVD drive” from HP. (KH27) was flashed to the unit AND NOW THE BURNER DISAPPEARS FROM THE SYSTEM WHEN DVD SHRINK IS RUN. Reboot and the Drive reappears. I tried flashing back to (FH04) but “HP is unable to verify…” Since when does an upgrade DOWNGRADE our systems? I also tried DOS flashing and I get an error during the flash. I’m considering pulling the unit and attempting to flash on my other machine. Had successful burns with all Generic and Branded disks (4x, 8x). Any suggestions (besides not trusting HP)? Seems to be the same unit SCAN80269 has.

HP a520n
Athlon 3200
512 RAM
160G HD

HP PN: 5187-4624
BENQ Technologies SDN BHD (Malaysia)
Regulatory M/N: LVLDB - 0306

HW Revision 03 FW Revision Bh04 (Successfully flashed to FH04)
Manufactured: March, 2004


It seems like it had a bad flash on the very first “upgrade”
You may try flashing it again with the upgrade.

If that doesn’t work, figure out what BenQ model is most similar and hope that there is a .CVT file. That way, you can use a dos-based flasher to force the firmware onto the drive. Put both the dos based flasher and the .cvt file onto a startup disc to avoid Windows interference. Have no media in the drive during a flash. And, if you guess the wrong model, the drive will become garbage. But if you guess the right model and thereby force compatible firmware onto the drive, then the drive will work like new or better. Best of luck!