Dvd drive changes to cd drive! Pls help....?

DVD drive changes to CD drive in Win explorer
Please help me…???

I have an dell Inspiron 9100 laptop (1GB Ram, running win xp) with a NEC dvd drive (6650 I think).

Recently I received a data dvd (dvd-r I think) containing research data from a research collaborator.

I put it into my dvd drive of laptop, and then tried to open in win explorer.
Nothing shows up… and the dvd drive changes to cd drive in explorer!

I then took out the data dvd, and inserted a movie dvd (prerecorded). This plays fine without any problem.

So, I think the data dvd is bad… I try that data dvd disk on my desktop machine and it works fine. I tried it on my wife’s computer… and it is readable as well.

So, data dvd is ok… my laptop seems to be misbehaving. I call dell since the laptop is still under warranty, and their product support folks sends me a brand new dvd drive. Put that new drive into the laptop, and same thing happens again. So, it aint the dvd drive… some software messing up I guess… Has anyone got a clue on this???..

Dell product support is of no use … they could not help at all and suggested a total reinstall of win xp… which means I have to take out all my data, and also reinstall all my software after the win xp reinstall! and no guarantee that the dvd will be read!

I am quite out of ideas at this point.


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Look at your other post , I’ve answered it there.