DVD drive changes to CD drive in Win explorer



Please help me…???

I have an dell Inspiron 9100 laptop (1GB Ram, running win xp) with a NEC dvd drive (6650 I think).

Recently I received a data dvd (dvd-r I think) containing research data from a research collaborator.

I put it into my dvd drive of laptop, and then tried to open in win explorer.
Nothing shows up… and the dvd drive changes to cd drive in explorer!

I then took out the data dvd, and inserted a movie dvd (prerecorded). This plays fine without any problem.

So, I think the data dvd is bad… I try that data dvd disk on my desktop machine and it works fine. I tried it on my wife’s computer… and it is readable as well.

So, data dvd is ok… my laptop seems to be misbehaving. I call dell since the laptop is still under warranty, and their product support folks sends me a brand new dvd drive. Put that new drive into the laptop, and same thing happens again. So, it aint the dvd drive… some software messing up I guess… Has anyone got a clue on this???..

Dell product support is of no use … they could not help at all and suggested a total reinstall of win xp… which means I have to take out all my data, and also reinstall all my software after the win xp reinstall! and no guarantee that the dvd will be read!

I am quite out of ideas at this point.



Ignore what Explorer tells you. It does this for everyone & is not a problem, just one of those little Windows quirks.


It’s likely that the data DVD you acquired from your research collaborator has been burned on poorer quality media. The original drive that burned it will very likely recognise it fine, but stick it in another drive and it doesn’t like it. Get your research colleague to use quality discs and then the liklihood of this happening should reduce somewhat.


I tried to ignore it but the dvd cannot be read.
How do I get to the data there if it does not show up?


The data DVD is on high qualiy media.
It can be read easily on even the cheapest computer around.
I have tried it on 5 different machines and they can all read that DVD disk.
Only my laptop cannot read it… this has become extremely frustrating for me.
The dell product folks could not help…


I tried to run Nero CD-DVD speed on the data dvd disk, and the attached pic shows you what I got.
Any help would be appreciated.


Here is more stuff from Nero Info Tool about my system/the problem DVD data disk. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks once again in advance.


Help please???


You really need to harass Dell about the situation; evidently the burner is the problem. If they continue to say “we can’t help”, suggest to the poor helpdesk operator that the situation can’t be cured by a recovery/reinstallation. That’s a standard answer many helpdesks give and is quite frankly appalling. If you still get fobbed off try asking to speak to a senior member of staff or at least someone with some technical knowledge over and above the default from the helpdesk bums.


I have seen several posts from people who have dvd drives that can read the CD-data, CD-music and movie dvds but not data dvds. However, no one seems to have posted a solution to the problem.

This is what really foxes me… my laptop can read data CD, music CD, movie dvd, but not a data dvd. It must be some software thing but I am at a loss here. I would hate to have to reinstall win xp!


Your os is crapped up.


Does that I mean I have to do a whole new WIN XP install?
Or is there some repair type tweak somewhere?



Have you tried a Pressed Data DVD-ROM? Or a DVD +/-R Video?

Maybe you can narrow the problem down DVD recordable media.

I’ve had Dell send me more than one non-working replacement part.


I would choose the safe route here.
Perform a second OS installation additionally to your existing one, preferably on another hdd, or even another partition…
Then you can use that 2nd one for testing…


Try these few things before u opt for a OS reinstall…
First and Foremost Disable Startup…
delete the upper and Lower filter keys from Registry…
Completely uninstall the Drive and the IDE channel that its connected to in Device manager and reboot the system…
If there are any burning softwares and on the system uninstall them…
Most imp of All…If you have Sonic on your System…try disabling DLA on all drives…I would actually say, loose the software itself…


Thanks for your message. I have some questions for you and would appreciate it if you could please provide some input.
First, what do you mean by:
"First and Foremost Disable Startup…"
How would I do this?

Second, I have already deleted the upper and lower filters in the registry and rebooted but problem still exists.

Third, I uninstalled the IDE and the actual drive in device manager and rebooted but problem still exists.

Fourth, I uninstalled Sonic, and all DLA type software, and rebooted but problem still exists. There is no buring software on the machine right now.

The only thing I have not tried is to do the STARTUP thing.



I think [B]lloydles[/B] meant “disable autorun/autoplay”.



I turned off auto play, but still no success reading data dvd disks.
The computer can read movie dvd, data and music CD but not data dvds (4GB).
WHat to do???


Try installing a data disc that wont read in Windows then try doing a transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed, if it reads back with a nice curve it is probably your OS that is messed up like chef suggested or the disc was not properly closed (lead out). Let us know.:slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion. I tried running in Nero CD-DVD Speed.
In fact, I have attached the screen print of that in a post above. I cannot seem to generate the curve you speak of. Nothing else in Nero CD-DVD Speed works.
In any case, I attach the same image below… if you can help.
Many thanks