DVD drive capabilities

I’ve got an AOpen DVRW2412PRO dvd+rw in my upstairs PC, and it used to work… but now, applications don’t detect it as a DVD drive, just as a CDRW.
Nero’s drive information tool lists it as not having +R/+RW read or write capabilities.
I messed around with firmware updates for a while to no avail (although I did find a handy region free firmware for it…) - I also looked in the registry for a while, uninstalled and reinstalled the device in windows’ device manager and generally fiddled about, but found nothing.

Does anyone know why the capabilities of a DVD drive might suddenly change according to windows, and how I might fix it, short of formatting and reinstalling Windows (damnit Microsoft…)?

The PC is running Windows XP home edition with SP1 and most of the updates, bar one that messed with Avid.

Did you flash the firmware to another?

This could be the reason. If so, I suggest flashing it back to an original AOpen DVRW2412PRO firmware.

Try uninstalling the POS^H^H^H Nero program, and rebooting.


Thanks for the responses, guys. I’ll try flashing the firmware with all the images I can get a hold of from AOpen - I flashed it at least once before, not sure whether it was broken before or after this though.

If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll try uninstalling Nero and rebooting… it seems to have compatibility programs with other software certainly (seems to have caused a problem with Avid anyway), maybe it’s been causing problems with the hardware drivers or something.