DVD drive can't read



I know this is about a burner, but it’s only the read performance I’m worried about. If a mod feels it still belongs in the Recorder discussion, feel free to move it.

I have a weird problem where only one of my movies isn’t readable by only one of my drives/players. I was trying to load up a DVD in my computer, and the drive was struggling to read the disc. The disc is “Office Space” (Widescreen) and the drvie is a Lite-On 451S@832S, with firmware CG3B.

When I put the disc in the drive, the light blinks for at least a full minute before it gives up trying to read it. After a few seconds of trying, it starts making a noticable sound as the laser moves around trying desperately to read the disc. In the end it gives up, and Windows acts as if there’s no disc in the drive. If I leave the disc in at boot, it will try to read it just the same, and since it can’t tell whether it’s a bootable disc, it keeps trying to access it until it times out. Since this is outside the OS, it’s not a Windows problem.

Rest of the system specifics:

Asus A7V8X mobo
Athlon 1.4 GHz Thunderbird
512 MB DDR Ram
350W Power Supply
All IDE Drives. HDD is Primary Master. DVD burner is Secondary Master. CD-RW is Secondary Slave.

Anyway, this disc works fine in every other player and drive in my house: both standalone players and two other DVD-ROMs. It only has a couple very light, barely-visible scratches, and none near the disc center (just a couple at the outer edge). The only drive that can’t read it is my burner. But I don’t think anything is wrong with the burner, because I’ve tried a ton of other discs, and the Lite-On reads them flawlessly. I’ve tried other pressed movie discs, some +R and -R movies, +RW UDF data discs, CDs, and CD-Rs. EVERYTHING else works fine.

So the only problem is this one particular disc in this one particular drive. What in the world could be causing that?



Sounds like those “Light scratches” are causing your problem - as some drives are more prone to reading problems than others-

If it is only one disc that is giving you problems - move on and don’t worry - it is totally amazing that these damn things work in the first place-

Happy Holidays-