DVD drive cant read anything


i’m having a big problem with my dvd drive,

it had been workin for around 8months,last night i decided to reinstall XP,so i burned a DVD(for backup),then i formatted my hdd,installed windows XP(sp1),then i installed powerISO(my antivirus installer is in .daa form),then updated(online) to XP sp2,till here i had tried only cd’s(for installing programs etc) and not dvds,i intalled nero 7,now i tried DVDs,when i inserted them my dvd drive letter in showed cd drive and didnt show the contents,i tried deleting upper and lower filters from the registry etc,nuthin works,flashed my firmware too,and nw even cd’s cant be read!!

i’m using a SONY AW-Q170A DVDRW drive

any help appreciated!!!


It sounds like a hardware error. Try getting a new one. Or trying the DVD drive in some one else’s pc.