Dvd drive called cd drive in 'my computer'



hi. a few months ago, my dvd rw drive (an IDE 1004) decided one day to call itself a cd drive in ‘my computer’. i ended up thinking it was probably something to do with that drive because it ended up not recognising dvd’s at all (which i read on either this site or one similar that if it had firmware under a certain number,which mine did, the drive stopped recognising dvds after so long)

so ive just bought another dvdrw - this time a liteon 1673, and replaced my cd writer with it (im now going to use my 1004 as a fast cd writer). thing is, when i open my computer, that calls both drives cd drives. i can still play and burn dvd’s with my liteon, but theres little annoyances such as when i insert a dvd it brings up the contents of the disk rather than playing the film. i’m just one of those people that likes evrything working perfect!

so yeah, if anyone can think of a way to try and get ‘my computer’ recognising them as dvd drives and is able to tell me in english and not pc talk, thanks in advance!!


I have come across that problem under Windows XP, and I am guessing you are using XP too. Don’t worry what is displayed in Windows Explorer has nothing to do with the performance or the operation of your drive. My DVD writer is called all sorts of things by XP :wink: I also tried to fix it since its annoying but failed to find a solution so gave up. However if you want to change the default action (autoplay) for your disks then right click on the drive and get properties , then go to the Autoplay tab and set how you want XP to behave for each media type.


yeah you’re right i am using XP (i forgot to say that earlier!) oh well i suppose i will just have to put up with the annoyingness of it. nevermind!


What motherboard does your pc have?

I had this problem, and it turned out to be due to installing an Nvidia IDE driver. This driver can also cause optical drives to function incorrectly. If you have an “nforce” motherboard and have that IDE driver installed, try removing it.


It is unimportant what desktops like explorer show as name about optical drives.


It’s quite important in a work environment where a CD and DVDR drive co-exist - having both named CD with different clients in each day, it’a a pain in the rear.


If you have an empty dvd burner, it will show “DVD-RW Drive” in my computer. If there is a blank disk (CD or DVD) inside it, it will change to “CD Drive”. That’s the way WinXP shows it, unfortunately.


That m$ tool called explorer is just crap.
I can only suggest to try DirOpus. :wink:


Because of OS stipulations and SP requirements, much of our large non-linear editing environment is stlll Win2K - newer kit runs on XP - and the 2K sp2/3 (not 4, which is still buggy anyway) shows the cd and dvd drive as 2 * CD.


Even w2003 server acts like xp in that matter.