DVD drive Blind

First let me say this is a great site. just came across this lookin for general answers to PC questions. ok enough for the obligatory boot licking.

My DVD drive wont read. Its as simple as me trying to install a new game. It simply does not read anything. i check manually in the d: and it shows no disc present. However it will read other discs. It always has massive issues with NEW DVD software. I have a disc that looks like it was shot down a blacktop road with a hockey stick and it reads it instantly, but put in this brand new disc and nothing!! Im about ready to send this POS skt diving without the chute!! any ideas?

Also a side note that may or may not be of import. When i restart my PC i get a black screen that has the warning

“A previous attempt at over clocking has failed” thing is i couldnt overclock something if i tried. actually i dont even know what overcloking is. on that same warning screen reads “Lite-on dvdrw SOHW 16935 kso2”

Any help would be just capital!!

thanks guys

just tryin to bump this up.


I moved this thread to the CD & DVD burners forum, as there’s a better chance of someone being able to help out in this section.

To me, it seems like the laser may be beginning to fail. I’ve had one Lite-On and a Pioneer DVD writer fail where it would read & write DVD media fine, but would not recognise any CD loaded.

Swapped out the DVD/CD Drive. Fixed it. problem solved.