DVD drive beeps during reading (twice on DL discs)

If I listen to the sounds coming from disc drives when reading a disc, there is always a beep when a disc is recognized. This beep occurs twice on dual layer discs, and only during this reading process.

Can anybody explain the meaning of this beep?

What drive are you using?

This happens to every disc drive.
It is a normal part of the reading process, I am just asking about it’s meaning.

Pioneer and NEC drives tends to beep on disc recognition and layer switch.
I have a BenQ and LiteOn drive. They do not beep, and recognizes discs faster.

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Hello, Sanyolc.

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This beep sound occurs for me at reading. On newer disc drives, it is ~100ms short, while old drives have 1000ms of beeping sound.

Although this is offtopic, the NEC and Pioneer drives should be faster in recognizing discs due to the NEC chipsets used.

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The fastest drive I tested was my Samsung 224DB. Pioneer BDR and DVD (QSI-based) were slower, LG BH and GH also. But time depends also on media-type, especially with DL the times vary a lot

The beep-sound, I think Pioneer do it, but can be model-dependent; I think old Toshiba-drives (not TSST) also.

BTW, the old Toshiba (Read-) drives were in the past the fastest at recognizing. I don´know if it depend on the chipset, the Toshiba use a simple “trick”: my other drives (Liteon, Cyberdive) increased rpm after inserting media and slowdown then, Toshiba stayed at low speed and recognized much faster

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Now, what causes that beep sound?

A little buzzer, I guess