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Sega has announced that they will be promoting a DVD Player/Dreamcast bundle at the same £299 price point as the PS2. The bundle will consist…

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Old news
Was already known a few days ago at http://www.gamers.nl

ja, dus?

Sorry, but www.gamers.nl isn’t in english and… there is a very difficult language into all the pages!

Juk… DreAMcast… Ok, the grapics are 100% good… But hell I hate consoles…

I wanna know if its possible for PC’s to play Dreamcast games with software simular to Bleem, since the Dreamcast OS is Windows CE it might be possible, if it is will someone please do it hehe

The Dreamcast does not boot up WinCE unless the game is made in WinCE and loads WinCE prior to loading the game. Only about 6% of all Dreamcast games use WindowsCE. Everything else boots up similar to how other consoles boot up games and access hardware directly.

This is strange. At first I thought it meant this would give ability for the DC to play future DVD titles. No! This is a separate DVD player and does not interface with the DC… wonder what they are thinking! They may as well throw in a free toaster-oven too !!! The Sony PS2 will be able to play DVD game titles with richer and greater content (theoretically) than what can fit on a Sega GD-ROM. I guess that since majority of PS2 buyers bought it for DVD playback, this may be good marketing move. On the postive side, it is good that Sega is not bringing out a real DVD DC - ie. switch systems and screw all old DC owners like they have done historically before with 32X, Saturn etc.