DVD Downloading and/or editting plus some basics

How can I save dvd’s to my harddrive(i understand it would take tons of space) to view later?(like a click and play kind of thing)
I would also like to take some sound clips out of a particular movie (to set for error sounds etc…) What do I do?

I’m pretty new at even burning cd’s but I’ve been getting through that ok. sometimes
My computer only came with windows media player (and powerdvd)
I don’t want all my cd’s in wma format. (or do I?)

download smartripper to save dvd files to your hard drive

use virtual dub to extract the audio out of a video file, but the video would have to be encoded in a non-dvd format. Or you could use some type of recording program that can record audio from your soundcard.

If you want you cd’s convertered to mp3, the are lots of programs out there that will rip cds. I like CDex.

Good luck