DVD+Double Layer smashed - Heeelp!



Hi All,

Got a new LG DVDRAM GSA-H10A drive with the following drivers (installed auto. by Windows XP Pro):

  • AVX CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device
  • Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

I used Alcohol 120 ver 1.9.2 to burn .iso image of size 5.9G over “DVD+ Double Layer” disk (capacity of 8.5G, very expensive…).

The burning process (DVD DAO mode, X2.4 speed) terminated successfully and the DVD “looks like burned”.

BUT - Can not browse or run the DVD. Windows explorer browses it empty !!! :o

n.b. - Other DVD can be browesd. CD’s are burned correctly.

I will more than appreciate your help.



Haha, don’t try to fool us!
AXV is a virtual drive installed with ALCOHOL!
Generic is a virtual drive most likely installed by Daemon Tools!

Burn the .iso image with the SAME SOFTWARE you have created it with.


@chef: is there any evidence that anyone is trying to “fool us”? I’m not quite sure what your accusative comment means.


with the following [B]drivers (installed auto.[/B] by Windows XP Pro):- AVX CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

Soryy, I wasn’t specific enough, maybe.

I clearly meant that info, quoted above. :wink:

That’s why the issues are there.


Sorry but i still dont get what you mean. Bookey just copied pasted the info he found on device manager. In what way would he aim ion fooling anybody?

That’s why the issues are there.

So he has a couple of virtual drives. How would this fact be in any way related to his problem reading back from the LG the DL+R medium he previously burned?



I am also confused about chefs’ statements, as bookey has quite clearly said that he has used Alcohol to burn it and so how the virtual drives come in to the equation I don’t know:

Any chance on a bit more clarification please chef?


“Generic” must not be a virtual drive.
It could also be an installed USB device which is shown in the device manager as Generic. But ok in his case it’s shown as DVD-ROM.
Bookey you’ve mentioned the other discs are recognized well but i’m interested in the option Hide CD-R do you’ve checked that box?


Ok, sorry for the confusion. I should take more time to read it all.
I just wondered how xp would automatically install virtual drives alone, like AVX from Alcohol?? Normally the user selects or deselects that one when installing Alcohol, or not?!

rapid fire, truet wha you posted about Generic drive, of course.

I still think the issues are related to either Alcohol or installed virtual drives.