DVD Dosent Recognize Disks

A couple of day ago I was having this problem:

Im using a laptop and trying to burn a DVD but i cant. I am also using an external Lite-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S DVD Burner.

Usually when I insert a disk in my drive Nero picks it up and chooses a speed for me, but now it dosent.
I found out when this happens, when I try to burn the disk It says that its burning but at the very end it stops and says burn failed.

Ive had this problem like a week ago but when i restarted my computer all worked fine, but now no luck with that.

I THINK I have the latest firmware.

I also tried using IMG-Burn but i get the same results.
I also installed ASPI and Nero Info-tool says that they are fine.

I Then This:

Now I have a new problem, I DL and Installed a new driver for my burner, From lite-on site, for my external Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-812S and not it wont recognize any Disks I even tried to insert an Original DVD.

I tried to rollback the driver but it dosent work, windows wont let me.

My internal DVDRW still reads, although Im still unable to burn.

Any Help???
Thanx in Advance.

Wow too think of all the sh*t Ive been through and all I needed was a good lens cleaning.


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