DVD door won't open, Gateway

My husband has a Gateway DVD recorder, it is almost 2 years old, and the door won’t open. There is no disk in the drive the door just won’t open, is there anything he can do? We bought a Cyberhome from Best Buy online and got a 4 year extended warranty for an additional $49.95, and so far he has had to trouble recording on that one, but he hasn’t tried to play back any of them yet. He records for our two sons, one in Iraq the other in Oregon.

My question is for the Gateway.

The machine may have a mechanical issue in the door mechanism that you cannot fix yourself. You will need to take it to a service technician. Don’t try to prise the door open. Doing so will void any warranty and also possibly expose you to dangerous laser emissions.

move your recorder close to your PC then connect the recorders DVD drive to your PC turn one the PC and eject the disk remove the draw front then retest it