DVD doesnt work?

i converted a dvd with winavi video converter and burned with nero express like i always do (usually it works), but now it doesnt work on my dvd player. it is black and white and i could barely see it. but the sound is perfict. is anyone know what to do???

p.s.- i got a panisonic dvd player
- sony t.v.
- dvd player has 5 drives with vhs
- it is a surround sound system
- it works usually but not now

1 more thing… i got pirates of the carribeanwhich i bought and i burnt . now it keeps skipping in the middle of the movie. i burnt it at the slowest speed i could as well.

if anyone can help:) , that would be great.

THanks :slight_smile:

What brand of media are you using? If it isn’t Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or quality Made In Japan media, then the quality and compatibility vary greatly.

wat?.. its in avi format and i converted it into dvd format with winavi video converter

nvm… i updated my winavi and it didnt work, i tryed the one i use to and it works fine