Dvd doesn't recognize cds

Hi there!I got a problem which i need help for.I got an LG DVD RAM GSA-H42N player.It’s a new one though.I just noticed today that it is recognized by XP but when i put any cd into the drive it isn’t recognized by the drive.Also when i try to access the cd with softwares as realplayer,windows media player,nero etc,it says that there’s no disc in the drive.I need help please.

Windows xp. My computer will not play a cd/dvd. The problem just discovered today. Normally don’t use my cd/dvd player. I tried the manufacturer’s web site. It seems the computer is recognizing the cd player, I checked the Device manager and no yellow signs. My dvd player door is jammed.

hello,can the administrators of this forum please help us out?we need help with our problems please

See if you can boot from your XP wondoze CD disc or another bootable CD disc.

Can you read DVD’s?

nope i can’t also read dvd’s but i’m trying to boot xp now

Did it ever work before?

yes it worked even yesterday.i burnt a cd with it yesterday as well.I just tried to boot with an xp cd but it won’t boot.it just goes right on loading the xp installation there before.There’s no prompting to click any key to boot from cd.

Well it sounds like it’s dead already. Maybe someone else has something for you to try.

u know of how i can get help again?

Just wait a day or so. I know you need help.

Can you install it in another pc? That’s the only thing i can think of sorry.

thanks though.I’ll check u up tomorrow and next tomorrow.Thanks once again

Hello.Sorry didn’t know i got some replies already.I waited on Saturday for replies and none came and so i reposted in different forum.My LG does not boot windows XP cd.I tried it and it don’t work.I also tried in some cds today and got same response.

Like i said if you can try it in another pc you will know for sure if it’s dead. Do any of your friends have a pc? Makes sure the jumper is in the correct position.

It does rather sound as though the drive is dead. Rolling56’s advice is to try in another PC, actually he’s advised that twice now & really it’s about all that’s left for you to do.

Burners can fail at any time but you should have the option to return it for a replacement.

thanks everyone

Sorry but it’s the best we can do online :frowning:

hey,i tried it in my friend’s system and it’s going.I mean it’s booting XP.So what do i do next or what do u think could be wrong with my system?

I have no idea. I would hate for you for to have to format and install your operating system for that but that’s about it now. If you have no errors in the Device Manager that is.

no there’s no errors in device manager.It hurts to try the format option.Well thanks for the help.

I have to ask, and this may sound silly - but did you alter the boot sequence in your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM first before you tried to boot?