DVD doesnt play

Hey everyone

I got a dvd from a friend but it doesnt play on my dvd player. When I open the properties of the dvd on a pc it says that the file system is udf.

Is there any way that I can burn the dvd so it’ll work on my dvd player?
I have Nero 7 Essentials and I run a WinXP’02.


Try to clean the disc if that did not solve your problem may be you want to update your drive firmware.

Well its just one dvd… Isnt there some way to burn the contents of the original dvd (its not copyright protected, just a homemade movie) and make it compatible with my dvdplayer?

When I try to play the dvd, it says playback prohibited by area limitation.

Open Dvd Shrink, put the disc in your drive, then click Open Disc & see if it opens up in Dvd Shrink, if it does, rip it back to your hard drive & reburn.

Im leaving in a few secs, so I wont have time to try what beef barley suggested, but I do have a question…

I believe that my dvd player doesnt support UDFv1.05, but only UDFv1.02 so is there any burning program besides nero (I heard it does a crappy job) that I can specify to burn in UDF/ISO and not DVD-Video?

Try convertxtodvd.

I already tried ConvertXtoDVD, but with no luck. I still keep getting the “playback prohibited by area limitation” error… I also tried using Cheetah DVD Burner, but that resulted in three wasted dvds.

And about what beef barley suggested, I opened the files in My Computer (right click, explore) and burned them to dvd but again with no luck.

The original disc itself doesnt play on my dvd player, anyone know of a program that will allow me to burn in UDF/ISO mode and not DVD-Video?

Use a program like PowerIso or MagicIso or Isobuster etc, and extract the contents to a folder on your computer or convert to an Iso.

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Ok, I extracted the files to a folder on my computer. I have an Audio_TS and a Video_TS folder… what program should I use to burn them to a disc?

Booktype + media to DvD-Rom

If your file content size it less then 4.3G then just use Nero
Follow this guide.



If not use DvD Shrink and open up the Video_TS folder with it, and decrypt it again but save you output as an Iso. Then use Imgburn or DvDDecrypter to burn the Iso to disk.

If your file size is greater then 4.3G then use DvDshrink to change the size by shrinking it.

If you going to burn it to DL media then follow the Imgburn to DL media in build mode guide in my sig. ( You could do this as well if you are only going to SL )

There are links to all programs in my sig.

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