DVD doesn't finish on new reader

Hi to everybody.
I have tried making back up of several dvd’s either with clone and anydvd (not the latest, the previous) and also with dvd shrink.
I must say that on cheapest dvd player all worked fine. Now, I have bought a pioneer home theater system (it’s the one that features wireless sorround audio) and the dvd player (dual laser) doesn’t seem to like the copies.
DVD stops, scatters at approx. 2/3 of the movie. This bother me, because it seems that I will have to back up again all movies. What could it be?

Thank you

>a pioneer home theater system

this is typical of bundled systems, one must buy dedicated components - poor planning, sorry. We have a AUD$68 DVD from Dick Smith in Australia that does everything a bundled player can’t. This Dick Smith player (DSE) does the same job as my dedicated AUD$399 Pioneer set-top. sigh Which can play DVD +/- R/RW btw