DVD DL - Which Drive?

I have two blank DVD+R-DL RITEK-D01-001 discs (differnt makes if that makes any difference) and I’m just wondering which drive from my sig would be best to burn them on!? I know there not the best of quality, but I’d rather not waste them if possible and I know some drives handle them better than others. Many thanks!

Without any real informed knowledge, I’d say the NEC - NEC’s tend to have the best write quality out of most drives. Have you burnt RiTEK’s (single or dual) on it before? If so, does it like them with current firmware?

I think the last Ritek stuff I had worked OK on the NEC. I think this is probaly poor DL media which ever drive I decide to write it on!

The Nec or the Pioneer 110D (but with fw 1.22!).

Well, tried it in the Pioneer (with firmware update!). And it burnt OK. Had a very high PIF of 700 at the layer change though. Will need to do a ‘watch’ test of it!

No surprise with this crap media.

Verbatim is the only choice - it’s already at $3 per disc!

Wish it was only $3 in the UK!