DVD_DL Verbatim not playing on stand-alone player

It’s the first time to have this problem .
I made a copy of KILL BILL Vol.2 with DVDDecrypter latest version (ISO_read ISO-write ecc) and it only plays in my PC (NEC3500 2FD).
It doesn’t start on my Pioneer DV656 stand-alone player.
The disc is Verbatim DL DVD+R and the booktype is DVD-ROM.
Other discs from the same box of MKMs been written previously are OK.
Any idea? The problem is really frustrating since DL discs are quite expensive.

if the others work ok then i would return the faulty disc and get them to replace it.

Yeah return it with a copy of Kill Bill 2 on it, what a clever idea LOL

i returned some discs (not DL) that had backup films on and when i asked them about that they said after testing, the disc will be destroyed.

If you have a stack of say 50 take a screwdriver to that disc and place it in the middle before returning it.
Other wise I wouldn’t return it.

I don’t know where you live, but here in The Netherlands it is legal to make copies of copyrighted CD’s/DVD’s when you own the original discs and the copies are for personal use. Comes in quite handy when you have a cd-player in your car and don’t like to keep the original cd’s in the car. Or when you have kids who like to watch DVD’s.

So, returning a faulty copy in The Netherlands gives you no problems.

OK but does anyone have an idea what would have gone wrong?

UK and we do not have a fair use of copyright act.

it could be owt really couldnt it from your PC getting pissed off to it being a bad disc