DVD DL Specifications finalized?

Hi there,
I have been seeing lot of DL writers as well as DVD DL media coming up.
But I have one big doubt…
Has the DVD DL specifications been finalized ???

What is Plextor waiting for… instead of rolling out a DL writer ???
In all my mails & request to Plextor, they say DL specs are not yet finalized & so not to expect a DL writer from Plextor.

What is the hidden agenda behind this ??

Without the specifications being out, how do Liteon & NEC make them, how do Ritek & Verb start producing DL media ???

I am very much mad & confused :frowning: :a

DVD+R DL specs has been finalized. DVD-R DL has not. Maybe Plextor is waiting for the DVD-R DL, who knows? But Pioneer (the company that invented DVD-R) has already announced its latest and greatest DVD burner, DVR-108/A08, which will support DVD+R DL @ 4x speed no less. But the drive will not do DVD-R DL.

Finally Plextor has released a DL Drive, the Px-716A :eek: