DVD+DL Question

I’ve been backing up an entire season of a show lately… now what keeps happening is that after burning the backup dvds there are parts where the the dvd will hang for a few seconds. this does not happen on the master, so i was wondering if there is any sort of difference between the rate at wich an original (pressed/glass) dvd is read compared to a burned DL dvd.

i have tried multiple players and burners and everything was ripped with AnyDVD.

Please help? :smiley:


What type of media are you using?

How fast are you burning the media?

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tried both verbatim and memorex media, both burning at 2.4x

what im actually asking is if the burned copy would have less of a data reading rate than the glass master. i have noticed lag in my older 20$ dvd player on some disks but i was not able to reproduce the same lag on my PC or my PS3. on this last disk, it lags on both.

The burn may be freezing at the layer break (the point where the laser changes to the second layer) What are you using to burn? Imgburn handles the layer break better than any other program IMO. I’d try to stay away from Nero when it come to DL discs. I’ve had pretty crummy luck with it.