DVD DL newbie help/advice needed

Hi all, I just stumbled on this site, and I’m impressed!

So I’ve been making backup copies of my movies for awhile (since in a dorm things tend to disappear sometimes :a ), using ICopyDVDs2 (with DVD43 as decryption) and single layer DVD+R discs. I really liked the one button copy ability, but not all DVDs would work with this software. Thus recently I picked up an LG DL lightscribe burner and Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 9 (on sale for $20, woo). However, ICopyDVDs2 doesn’t seem to support DL in my version, and Roxio won’t copy a disc that is copy-protected.

So basically, I’m looking for my best option on how to optimize my back-up abilities. Obviously free is best, but I don’t mind paying for good software (just need to know its worth it, theres so much crap out there). What I’m looking for is something that would either 1) let me copy or manipulate copy-protected DVDs using Roxio, 2) let me transfer my movies to a format I can put on my video iPod, 3) ability to copy DVDs into either single or dual-layer discs (no reason for my Aqua Teen collection to be uber quality lol)

Example: Casino Royale wasn’t working with ICopyDVDs2, Roxio wouldn’t copy it. I downloaded the free version of DVDfab, and used that to create an .iso of the disc, and then burned the .iso onto a DVD+R DL disc using Roxio. However, the new disc could not be read by one of my DVD players (haven’t tried all of them yet), but was read by my laptop and played fine. I guess I should also ask if it matters if I use +R or -R DVD media, if my primary interest is backup copies of movies.

So would I be better off picking up DVDfab platinum, or is there another program that will allow Roxio to backup copy-protected media? I’ll keep looking, but I appreciate any and all help! Thanks! :bow:

(btw, Windows XP, 0.5 tb of hd space, 2gb ram, pentium d 925, etc)

Hi Meilyn, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

DVDFab Platinum is a great choice - pretty straightforward to use, and updated more frequently than I can keep up with :eek:

There’s also the AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 combo from Slysoft which is also pay software (free full functional trial though), and very good. :slight_smile:

Of the two I prefer Fab Platinum since it’s all in one program, but you could give both a try and see what you think. :slight_smile:

Edit: ICopyDVDs2 might work with AnyDVD running in the background :wink:

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There’s a couple of things. You need to be able to set booktype/bitset for +R’s and +R DVD’s to DVD-ROM as your player might recognize the discs better. And i would ditch the Roxio and just try with Fab Platinum.

What model is your LG? You might have to use unofficial firmware to use booktype/bitset which will void your warranty.

And try Arachne’s edit :wink:


There are three simple things that make for a perfect backup every time.

[B]Quality Media [/B]"I only use Verbatim (95123) 2.4X-6X 8.5GB Double Layer DVD+R DL & Verbatim (94917) 16X DVD+R Single Layer media.
Next is Software[/B]. I always Decrypt using DVD Decrypter with [B]AnyDVD [/B]running in the background. And for burning I only use [B]CloneDVD 2[/B]. AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2 are both created and sold by Slysoft.

[B]Lastly[/B] I burn with a [B]Plextor PX-755SA[/B] (Serial ATA) DVD Burner.

Over the last year or so, I have only made one coaster and that was my fault; not any of the above.

Good Luck and Welcome to the Forum.

My choice for making DL copy would be to use DVD Decrypter (free shareware) for ripping the DL DVD Video in to my harddrive then use the same DVD Decrypter to burn the ripped file in to DL disc media. The best DL media is also my perference would be Verbatim.

I’ll second dvd decryptor for dual layer though I would use dvd decryptor for ripping and imgburn for burning. Dvd decryptor was shut down by macrovision a while back, so it can get past some copy protection but not the latest ones. imgburn is the same program from the same author, but lacks ripping ability. Both are free (that last version of dvd decryptor before they got shut down is still available on the web).

Anydvd is the best for copy protection and should work with dvd decryptor, roxio, nero, clone dvd or whatever. Personally I use anydvd and nero recode for dual layer to single layer (dvd shrink is a pretty good free program too but I think it might need nero or something else to burn, it does the compression, but I haven’t used it lately so maybe it can burn now and it would need anydvd too).

Several people seem to like dvd fab but I haven’t tried it. I prefer anydvd as it just runs in the background and works with whatever program you wish to use. It can also rip for tougher movies.

for dual layer to single layer (dvd shrink is a pretty good free program too but I think it might need nero or something else to burn,

If you save as an ISO Image File, you can burn manually with ImgBurn. If you save as a Hard Disc Folder, you can use ImgBurn in Build Mode & burn.

Hi guys

im new at the whole forum things in general so bare with me…

i have tried it all DVD SHRINK, DVDFAB Decryptor, HD, GOLD, AND PLATINUm

they all give me an error after so many percen and the dvd stops in the drive then ERROR Reading/Writing Disc Choose what to do Ignore Retry or abort window pops up. when i was using dvd shrink the error was copywright so i got one of the Fabs and then that error pops up usally around 47 ish maybe 80ish… i no its not my burner also cuz ive backed up other of my dvds…but there are alot that wont back up because that error pops up … i have a good 18x dvd burner lightscribe and its worked on other dvds so i dont know what to do can any1 help me plz

You didn’t say what burner you had, but keep in mind, some of the best burners are not the best readers. Those errors are usually actually caused by the drives inability to read the disk (scratches or whatever). some backup fine because it can read them. I would sugest you try the free trial of anydvd (just to rule out copy protection problems, you dont have to buy it if you dont want to). If it cannot rip it, it probably is a reading problem. You could get a dvd rom drive (about 20$ on newegg) that may be a better reader than your burner. I havent kept up with current models, but last I knew, liteon dvd-rom’s were very strong readers (maybe someone else can make a recommendation). Keep in mind though, a beter reader can help with some disks, but depending on the condition of the disk, no drive may be able to read it. Fyi the reason the disk plays but may not copy, is that when you copy, you have to be able to read every single bit of data on the disk. One small bad spot (that you never even try to read playing the movie) will cause an error. You could also try the main movie only (maybe the read problem is somewhere in the extras or foreign language tracks).

Check disc for scratches/smudges/fingerprints…

ok il try that only the main movie portion but my burner is brand new i just got it installed into my computer but ill c wat i can do i guess and i have anydvd and it tells me error reading disk then gives me a list of things taht can b wrong like scratches smudges…regional code not valid and even something for ure drive rpc1 something