DVD - DL Media is out

I saw Verbatim brand DVD DL media today at Best Buy in Dallas. It was bundled in a package and contents were

1 DVD DL media
8 DVD=R media
1 DVD-RW media

Price for the above $29.99 :eek:

Little expensive but id buy one pack to try the dual layer on my nec2500A :wink:

Sweet, I’ll have to check mine.

I heard the DL’s were going to be around $12 a hit at first.

What speed were the other disks?

Rats! It’s not available on bestbuy.com. :sad: (as I don’t have a car, I can only order online)… anyone willing to sell me a pack? :wink:

I really don’t remember the speed of those DVDs. It will be available online pretty soon. They weren’t on the store floor yet. The dude helping me brought it back from back of the store. I am hoping 6 months from now we’ll be able to get those less than dollar a piece… :sad:

Just picked some up at the Best Buy store in San Francisco.

It is 8 8x DVD+R DataLifePlus discs, 1 4x DVD+RW DataLifePlus disc, and 1 2.4x DVD+R DL disc.

They had them out on the shelf, but there was no shelf indicator. Since I bought all they had on the shelf, not sure if someone will know to reorder or restock them.

Best Buy appears to be the only retail outlet that has these right now.