DVD-DL discs, anyone seen them?

On the net? screenshots, articles, specs etc.

First of all, NEC uses a new chipset for this new burner. Although the burner itself cannot burn -R double layer media, the new D6364 chipset supports -R DL writing at 2X and 4X. Talk from NEC refers to a new firmware release that will add -R DL writing, but it will not be available until March. It is good to know that users can simply apply firmware upgrades to add -R DL feature.

Read the 3520 test at http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=11859

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My take on -R DL media is that it’s vaporware. Besides, why does it matter when +R DL exists, is more compatible, is more mature, is more readily available, and when there are no benefits whatsoever offered by -R DL?

Maybe NEC has a suprise in store for us with the DVD-R DL medium and firmware. We have to wait and see…