DVD DL burning



[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-113KG / DVR-1910LS. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]First, DeviceInfo.exe reports this:

Device Type: DVD/CD-Rom
Product ID: DVR-113NP
Product Rev: 1.00
Vendor Info: 2007/11/02PIONEER

Not DVR-113KG. Does it matter?

My problem is this. I had a Samsung DVD burner that burned DL discs, then stopped being able to burn or read them.

Now the same thing seems to be happening with the Pioneer DVR-1910LS (DVR-113NP). So I have backup data I can’t access.

Also, I have several ProShow Gold slideshows that I wrote to ISO files. When I use MagicDisc to emulate a CD/DVD drive with these ISO’s, everything works fine and the slideshow plays with my VLC Player correctly. But when I use ImgBurn to burn them to DVD+R discs, it fails every time. I have tried HP and Memorex disks.

So the burner seems to have stopped being able to successfully burn anything. I now have a stack of coasters a foot high.

I thought before returning the unit I would try to upgrade the firmware, but there is nothing on Pioneer’s website that seems to allow for this.

Has this happened to anyone else with this specific burner? Am I missing something? What should I do next?


Upgrading firmware isn’t necessarily going to resolve your problem. When did the problem start? Did you change brands of media? Have you installed new software or hardware? Something changed. It is unlikely that you had two burners go out at the same time.

Have you tried a system restore, back to a time when you know things were working? If you have installed any cd/dvd software, uninstall it and see if that changes anything… Try using IMGBURN.


I might add that the only recommended DL media is Verbatim to get good quality burns and burn no higher than 6X


Thanks for the responses.

I exchanged the unit for a Plextor PX-820A. Yes I like ImgBurn - when that stopped working for any brand of blank DVD, I knew it was the burner itself. So far, so good. Thanks again.


Glad that you got it working :slight_smile: and thanks for posting back to let us know