Hey Sup,I’ve looked everywhere to find the best dvd burner out right now,i checked couple of them and I went to FRYS i saw this Pioneer 710 Dual Layer Dvd Burner,I wanna know if its good???because that’s what im lookin for DL Burner,and I wanna if i should get the Pioneer 710,i can get it from ebay for $40,I wanna know if there are any other good ones with better option or anythin like that,if anyone knows please help me out!

710 == 111D which is an excellent DL burner.

Thanks alot for your help bro,I didn’t know 710==111D,I noticed there is another one called Pioneer 112D,which one is better???and what’s the difference between them like features&stuff like that…which one would u perfer 111D or 112D???thanks alot again for your help!

The 112D is the 111D replacement so would be the one I’d go for now. That’s not saying the 111D isn’t a good burner because it is, it’s just that they’ll probably be more firmware development for the 112D.

From what I have seen, get the 112D if you plan on burning Dual Layer DVDs. Otherwise, I’d stick with the 111D…and the firmware is fully evolved.

thanks alot for your helps!