DVD displays like a broken black and white TV

:confused: I was wondering if anyone knows why this happens.
I have a brand new Liteon 16x burner. I haven’t upgraded firmware yet. I did extensive research before I made my purchase. I used DVD-R 16X disks and burned a downloaded ISO. The image burned at 12X. It plays fine on any DVD ROM drive, but when I put it into my Panasonic DVD player, I get a Black and white TV image with a broken V-Hold…V-Hold…V-hold…(you get the idea…) Do I need to record at a slower speed? Do I need slower media? This Burner had great reviews. Please tell me that it’s an easy fix. I just bought this POS and I did my first burn. I have burned SVCD’s and played them on this DVD player without a problem. Except for the poor quality and many disks needed to view one movie, it was fine.

Sounds like the video is in either PAL or NTSC and your DVD Player is not capable of playing one of them, if i try and play an NTSC (US) DVD in my PAL (UK) Playstation 2 it tries to play it as PAL and therefore shows a black and white image, your PC however is not limited in this way so will play it in whatever format it’s in without problem, so check if your DVD player allows different formats perhaps posting the model number might help

Thanks, I figured that out shortly after I posted it. I should have RTFMessage board…:slight_smile:

Anyway, I am using AVS Video Converter to convert PAL to NTSC and it has taken 9 hours so far. I Still have about 4 to go. Do you know of any other converters that wo’nt take so long?

This is the simplest way i know of. I’ve used it and it worked for me, but if you read the guide it depends on your player. http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=221928

try the outputs on the player it may output in pal if selected also try swapping scarts in tv ie av1 for av2 not all inputs accept ntsc