DVD Disks

Not sure if this is in the right place but here goes.

What kind of disks do i need to buy to back up some of my favourite films, as their are so many??


It really boils down to compatibility issues… you should investigate via these forums and videohelp what types of media are best suited for the device you plan to play the movies on, and match that up with the types of media best suited for the burner you plan to burn the movies on.

The burner i have is a SONY 16x Dual Layer DVD-Re-Writble +R/-R/RW

What’s the model number and firmware version of your burner?

And what do you plan on playing the movies on?

Not sure about the model number or firmware version of the burner.

I plan to play the movies on my DVD player.

I had sort of assume that SOME sort of DVD player would be involved in playing the movies… :slight_smile:

Care to share the model/type/firmware version of it?

In any event, the more you know about your equipment, and the more searches you do to find other people’s experiences with the same equipment should allow you to find media that will suit your needs.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed to get the model & firmware version. Click on the link for it if you haven’t got it.