DVD Disk Trouble




This is probably in the wrong section, but hey, I’m new :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been burning DVDs for years and never encountered this before. I also have a fairly good knowledge of pc’s.

My problem is this:

I bought some new disks at the weekend which are ZeroDefex 8x DVD-R. I can burn files with no trouble and encode dvds with nero vision (which tells me that it burn’t the files successfully etc.) however the new dvd that I have created with a film on it will not play in any dvd player or pc, I have tried other software such as DVD Santa and ConvertXToDVD - both burn fine but then do not play even on my pc. I understand that some DVD players don’t like certain disks, but mine plays anything I throw at it. Its starting to get me frustrated as I have 50 disks that i cannot use!!

Any help is greatly appreciated!




Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “Won’t play” the discs - do you mean they won’t even start to play, or your player gives you an error, or playback is crap or stops/freezes?

In any case, ZeroDefex (despite the name) aren’t terrific discs, going by reports on the forum, so I would hazard a guess that it’s a media problem.


Thanks for the swift reply, when put in the player the disk spins up like normal, then makes a horrible noise almost like a crunching sound and the player just says ‘loading’ and it doesn’t change.


Well, since the discs are DVD-Rs, that would rule out a bitsetting issue (some players don’t like +Rs much so they need setting to DVD-ROM booktype).

Since you’ve tried 3 pieces of software with the same results, I can’t see that being the issue either.

Just to rule in or out a media issue, do you have any other brand of disc on hand you can try burning the same movie onto?


yes, but its deffo the media i think as i burnt the same file a few days ago onto a Gigatain disk


Ahh, and the Gigatain one worked fine?

If so, unfortunately there’s the answer. The ZeroDefex ones may still be good for temporary storage or something though, so they don’t go to waste :wink:


ah well, s*** happens :frowning: