DVD disk not recognized by DVD/CDRW drive

I bought last month a new Sony VAIO PCG-V505BX notebook which has a Matshita UJDA 745 DVD/CDRW drive (combo) with WinXP Home edition as OS
The drive recognizes and can read CDs but is unable to recognize DVD-ROM or DVD-Video. When I insert a DVD, the drive tries (often two to three times) to scan the disk and then it stops and the light goes out. The computer says “no disc in drive E”. I have tried different DVD disks (DVD-ROM and DVD-Video) which works fine on another computer.

I uninstalled the device and let WinXP reinstall but there is no change. There is a DVD decoder, and I reinstalled WinDVD but no change.
is it a hardware problem? Is it a Laser lens problem?

Could you help me resolve this problem?

Are you trying to read recordable DVD’s or pressed DVD’s?

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Are you trying to read recordable DVD’s or pressed DVD’s?

The DVD disks I have tried are commercial titles (ex: King Lion,…) and I also try to read a DVD-ROM (which contains data, actually it is an archive of all IEEE publications) from The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

I’ve got the same problem. I have a Matshita UJDA 750 DVD/CDRW combo drive in a Toshiba Satellite A15-S127. It can read, play, and record/write regular CD’s, CDR’s, and CDRW’s, but it cannot play DVD’s (I have only tried commercial DVD’s, such as Matrix Reloaded). The drive seems to try a couple of times to read the DVD, and then all the software I have just says that there is no disc in the drive. I’ve played with some of the settings in Windows XP Home to no avail.

I have the same problem with my DVD/CDRW combo Sony CRX300E. The drive can read normal CD-Rom and CD-Audio, but can’t read DVD disc.

Anybody has a solution?


I’ve got the same problem with a Matshita UJDA745 in my Sony PCG-Z1M. Tried to reinstall firmware and also tried to install a freezone firmware downloaded on the internet without success. I am now looking for buying a new drive. Any idea where to buy a combo DVD-RW internal compatible with my computer?

ok we all have the same problem how do we fix it ?


Such a firmware doesn’t exist!

I have the same problem with my Matshita ujda745. I am unable to save documents to the d drive. I too seek a solution.



I have a Matshita UJDA750 drive…just posting as I have the same problem to, won’t even read pressed DVD’s!

so…anyone can fix this prob ? i have always tot this drives were just picky to the dvd they are reading…

Hi to all you good and helpfulf folks. Happy holidays to all of you!

I am attempting to help my brother overcome a problem over an 1800 mile distance. He just built a new computer with a really good parts like an up to date motherboard, dual core processor and 4 Gigs of good memory. He decided to use his existing optical drives (one is NEC and the other is Asus) because they are both fairly new burners that worked well in his earlier Windows 2000 system.

The drives are running off a system IDE controller and there are no other IDE in use on the system. When he inserted the DVD that came with his Asus motherboard to install drivers he found that neither drive would autostart the DVD. He then went into Windows Explorer and tried to view the DVD’s contents but Explorer didn’t read the disc. The read LED on the drive didn’t light up and he got no error messages from the system.

Out of desperation he used his laptop to read and transfer system drivers from the DVD to a thumb drive that he used to install them on the new computer. That didn’t help at all. He uninstalled and reinstalled the system’s IDE controller, again no help. Next he uninstalled the two optical drives and let the system reinstall them, still no help.

He has tried every possible Master/Slave configuration as well as installing just one drive alone and nothing has worked.

I just read 20 or more messages in this thread where a majority seemed to be addressing this same problem but then the thread just died and I still don’t see a solution posted. Surely not that many people have endured this problem for nearly the last 10 months.

I hope that someone has the answer and will read this post. About the only thing left to do is install new firmware but somehow I can’t believe that the two drives are suffering a firmware problem at the same time.

I saw the Upper/Lower filter problem described at Microsoft but that article leads one to think the system should be providing some kind of error message if filters were the problem.

TIA for any assistance, I am at wits end.

Make sure the drives are correctly jumpered (make sure twice) and also replace the ide cables.

Which exact drives are built into this computer?

Firmware flashing is no “healing everything case”.