Dvd disk compatabillity problems

I have benq 1620(pro?) firmware v.G7Z9 does it need updating(I have trouble with loads of different dvd-r disks, my drive tells me no disk is loaded when there is,please help…(I have limited knowledge-so please keep it simple)
many thanks.

That firmware revision your using is ancient you should upgrade to G7P9 or G7T9 these seem to be the best firmwares so far, the latest is G7V9 but some people have had problems with it.

Quakester2000,went to flash with G7T9 but said it was older version than I got ,any ideas? many thanks

It only says it’s an older version because it’s just looking at the number. G7T9 and G7U9 are the latest stable versions. The newest G7V9 has many problems and should be avoided. If you look at your other post, you will see that Benq seems to be now concentrating on it’s retail firmware B and all OEM & retail drives are now being shipped with B firmware. My advice is to flash to retail firware of your choice (T9, U9 & V9 all give excellent results) and then your drive will show up as Benq instead of ATAPI and you will be able to take advantage of any new firmwares from Benq. There are plenty of instructions within this forum on how to do it (very simple). There you go. Good Luck.