DVD Discs Display as CD?

I am trying to burn a DVD with my LiteOn DVDRW SOHW-1673S But when I try to burn the .ISO file with Alcohol is says: Unformatted Disc and alcohol wont burn. Im using K-Hypermedia DVD+RW Discs. Also, in My Computer is displays the Drive as a “CD Drive” and Not the “DVD-RW Drive” Like it should.
I burned it with UltraISO’s built in burner fine.
I also like to add that the ISO is a CD Image, but that should have no problem burning to alcohol should it?

Why is it doing this and How can I fix it?

You need to format the disk first. It takes awhile. Have you done that?
When I first tried a DVD-RW, alcohol said the same thing until I formatted it.
Then that disk burned fine…

I kind of figured that. But im having even more problems now. It does that to EVERY DVD I put in. It NEVER did that before… EVER! I have used -R, +R, and +RW CD’s before but now Whenever I put in ANY disc it says CD Drive for the name and its always saying its a CD Drive and NOT a DVD Drive. I think my drive died. Im going to RMA it since its only like a few weeks old. :a

Also. I reformatted windows and its saying its missing “NTDLR” … It did that last night as well. I reformatted because of it, now its doing it again. Only way I can get it to boot is with Windows Disc in DVD Drive.

Im going to install with a CD drive and have my DVD Drive removed.