DVD disc won't rewrite



I have a video burned to a dvd. but I have decided I want to copy over it, but when ever I put it into dvdfab or convertx nothing happens… I have done this before with no problems, both convertx and dvdfab platinum are at their latest versions. Using Maxell DVD + RW
What gives I burn just fine it’s just when recopying over the existing video previously burned?


You’ll need to format it before you can use it again…Nero or ImgBurn can do this, then you’ll be ready to go again.


format it using nero it has quick formatting on dvd rw’s.


sorry Kevin I don’t have nero and it cost money but thanks for your suggestion


With ImgBurn in Write Mode, there are two 2 ways to get to the erase disc function:

  1. Go to Tools>Drive>Erase Disc>Quick or Full Erase [whichever you choose]

  2. Click the icon with the little eraser over a disc that’s right below the drive selection box. (first screenshot).

–ImgBurn may force you to do a full erase to properly format the RW. [If you used ImgBurn exclusively to erase, it would only force you to do a full erase once, and you could do a quick erase any time after]. This can usually be changed by going to Tools>Settings>Write (a tab)>uncheck Prefer Properly Formatted +RW (second screenshot).