DVD disc region protection scaning software

Hi all,

This may sound a stupid question. But is there software that will let me scan my DVD disc and tell me what region it is supposed to play in? I have a Samsung SD-616F DVD-ROM drive.

Aquarius. :slight_smile:

An interesting question , but i think it’s quite useless because a region locked (RPC2) DVD player will not open or play dvd discs that have a different region settings as far as i know.

Your playback software will pop up with a message to either change the region or eject the disc.

If you choose to change the region settings , this will be done in AT LEAST 3 places :

1 - In the drive itself (except when it’s RPC1 or automatic-reset RPC2)
2 - In the operating system (except when it’s fooled by another program)
3 - In the playback software (except when it’s fooled by another program)

What you could do , is to make your drive region free (RPC1 firmware) or install a package that makes windows think it’s region free (AnyDVD for instance).

Another fun thing is DVDShrink. When you open a dvd disc in dvd shrink, let it analyze and you perform a backup ; You can choose the region settings. If you left this default (instead of tagging all regions or the region free settings) it should show you the current region(s) in which the original disc was set.

Usually if not always DVDs which are region set have indications on their cover or on the DVD itself about the region settings. Anyways, i think that DVD genie or similar software should report about the region setings of the DVD.


Thx for the reply. I will try DVDShrink and see if it helps.

Another question I have is the any CD that I play in my computer (original audio CD, no backup), if i open Windows Explorer and right-click on the first track, in general properties, the created and modified date is shown as “Sunday, January 01, 1995, 5:30:02 AM” for the first track and consecutively the time goes on increasing depending on the track length of the song. I have Michael Jackson CD ‘Dangerous’ (Sony Music) which was released before 1995 and shows the same information in the properties. I have John Mayer CD ‘Heavier Things’ (Sony Music) which was released long after 1995, but the creation and properties date is still the same. Why? This is confusing. And this applicable for all CD’s from all record companies. I have Avril Lavigne ‘Let Go’ (BMG Music) and it’s doing the same thing.
Do you have any ideas?

Aquarius. :slight_smile: