DVD Disc Question

Hello Everyone.

If you can get 80 minutes of music from a CD - What could you get onto a DVD Disk 4.7? Totally new to DVD… thanks… Will

If you mean uncompressed audio - just multiply up (~4,700 DIV ~650). The problem is going to occur with what device you want to play it back on…


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I was thinking you could burn music on dvd like you do using nero on cd. Maybe I just better stick with regular cd … thanks

Hello. So actually i don’t need a dvd burner if i don’t do video? Could you recommend a good CD burner? Also, is there 2 liteon mfg’s? That why one comes with the nero software and the other doesn’t?? thanks…

You can do this and have 5-7 CD in one DVD but in playing it you have to have DVD player not just CD player.