DVD Disc quality

Hi, Can any of you more experienced Freaks out there list the top DVD blank makes? I agree Princo is a load of rubbish, they hardly last one viewing session. So, what in your experience are the best to use for longevity and quality?

depends a lot on what media your dvd burner writes best to. my pioneer 109 burns quality DVDs with Princo A Grade, but my Sony D26A doesn’t. i prefer at the moment Ritek G02 or G05

more @ http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia

Thank you very much for the link. I found it extremely helpful.
Looks as though Verbatim are leading the pack!

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are the best. There are many others that are very good as well.

And - of course - don’t forget RICOH, as it it is also a very good, reliable medium.

yeah, i like verbatim a lot too

Two words: Taiyo Yuden.

The most compatible, most reliable.

After that, Verbatim. They are great, and very consistent.

And, for less money, but usually ALMOST as good, are the Riteks. But you have to be careful with those, as Ritek went through a bad period briefly with their GO5 discs (8X DVD-R) last winter. They admitted this publicly, explained what the problem was, and solved it. They made quick moves to fix the problems, but it still meant there were some problematic discs in the supply pipeline, and of course one worries if the dealer you happen to purchase from has still has some on the shelf since that time.

Then, even with the Taiyo Yudens, you must take care to buy from the reputable dealers – to avoid the flood of counterfeit ones that are out there since last January. Whatever you do, do NOT take chances on them off of E-Bay. Purchase from Rima, or Supermediastore, and you will get the real thing.

All of the above are merely my opinions, but then, the same is also true of every other response you will get to this question.


Taiyo Yuden, hands down… Second, Verbatim.