DVD Disc Printing-Printers&Media-WHATS HOT, WHATS NOT



Ok, I need your guys input on this…

Want to print directly on DVD discs, I will need to buy a printer that can print on the discs, and I will need to buy, of course, the cheapest RELIABLE media that has good printing results.

What are some good suggestions/standards/linkies that would help me?

I actually just need to know:

  1. Good Printer(s)
  2. Good Media

also, please let me know what sucks…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


I use the epson R200 and for CDR I use verbatim silver injet printables 11.94 per 50 pack at sam’s club and for DVD’s I use Taiyo Yuden DVD+R in 50 packs from Rima.com


I have the R200, like the previous poster, and its pretty good. I use Ritek printables and have had no problem. I am also using some none printables and just whak on a sticky label and print on that to.