DVD disaster

I burned a couple of DVD+RWs on my PC in UK with files I’d changed & accumulated there. I used Nero 6 for this and used good-quality (Verbatim) DVD+RWs. The idea was to transfer my essential files & programs to another PC on 2 DVDs, rather than go thro the hassle of transplanting my HDD.

I’ve now got the same DVD drive (NEC ND-2500A) installed in my overseas PC, I’m running the same OS (WinXP) but ALL of these DVD+RWs are now unreadable. They were perfectly readable in my other PC. :confused:

I can read CDs, CD/RWs and DVD+Rs OK, so this seems to be a purely DVD+RW problem.

Any Ideas?..

I need my data back! :sad:

update the firmware on the nec if an update is available.
try another dvd drive if possible.
try isobuster and see is it can read and extract the data on the dvd

Did you use Incd by any chance? or did you burn them directly with nero. If you used Incd and dragged and dropped files in windows explorer you will not see any files unless you have the same version of Incd installed. Other than that I am not sure what to tell you.

Could just be a case of finalising the discs in Nero so that other systems can read them.

Ah-ha… I think this may be the problem?
I have found one of these Verbatim DVD+RWs, which a friend burned on his system - reads OK.

I didn’t realise that discs needed to be finalised to enable reading in other systems. Especially in the same drive. I thought that finalising just prevents further additions to the disc. :confused:

Unfortunately Nero is also unable to read data from these discs, so finalisation is impossible? :frowning:

Thanks for your help folks!

waves at Dr jon

Just when you thought it was safe… I’m back! :bigsmile:

Have just noticed something utterly bizarre…

I had been experimenting with Nero and my pack of DVD+RWs, which seemed to work fine except for one or two failures. I tried erasing one of the failed discs with Nero, which threw an error. I re-tried with the erase speed=4x, the disc’s rated speed, which still failed with “invalid field in command” error.

After removing the disc from my drive, cursing and throwing it across the room, I replaced it with one of the “unreadable” failures. As usual, the annoying windoze autoplay thing started up, but this time I was fascinated to see it recognising the names of files on the disc…

Sure enough, the disc’s contents were visible to windoze explorer! :slight_smile:

I have been able to copy a few files to my HDD, but many remain unaccessible, even tho explorer can see them. Access is painfully S-L-O-W - if it happens at all.

I thought I’d try finalising a problem disc with Nero, but the “finalise” checkbox on the burn menu remains disabled / greyed out.

Of course, when I re-booted my PC, all the problem discs were unreadable again. Trying to erase the first DVD+RW @ 4x (ie. its rated speed) causes the same error and yet somehow allows me to view the failed discs in explorer and Nero.

There’s something weird going on here which I don’t understand. :confused:

Anybody know what?