DVD didnt work in standalone player

I am trying to put 9 Lectures on a Dvd They are ranging about 400-700mb and the website says they are vcd mpeg-1. If they are already that do i need to put in ConvertXtoDVD converter or can i just burn them straight on a DVD… because at first i put 3 of the lectures ranging to about 2 1/2 hours of play…converted them through ConvertxtoDVD and burn them on the disk and it works welll with windows media player but it will not play on my standalone player. I have put many of movies on dvds but nothing like this so any questions or solutions to this?? i can give you the website and you check it out also to maybe see why???

Hi there,

Without a full ConvertXtoDVD log, it’s real hard to see what is going on !

Maybe you made a PAL DVD and you need NTSC.

I had the same problem last week…I converted 3 videos with convertxtoDVD and burned them to DVD with convertxtoDVD. They worked fine on my computer but would not play on my dvd player.

I forced the video format to NTSC and converted and burned all over again…this time to much avail. My DVD player read the three video chapters fine and problem was solved.