DVD diagnostic utility

Hi all,

I am looking for a program that will test my burned DVD so that I don’t think that I have a good copy only to find out that it stalls 3/4 of the way through when I’m playing it back. Ideally, this program would be able to read it quickly and tell me if I need to try again. I don’t think that I have any problems with images but maybe it would be good to be able to check those as well.

If there aren’t any stand alone programs that can do this, what other program would you recommend that has this feature.

I notice that some DVD players are better than others when it comes to reading bad discs. Maybe the program could give me an idea of what percentage of DVD players the disc will play properly on.

Thanks, sorry if this gets asked a lot. Didn’t have much luck searching though.

Usually here in the forum we use CD-DVD speed (or plextools for plextor drives) to do scans of media. If a scan is good, usually also the disc is good.

A scan of a full disc require a mean time of 15 min. You can find thousand of scans around the forum

Is this what is currently inside Nero7? I have Nero7 and DVD Shrink. I just got cloneDVD and anyDVD because DVD Shrink was failing me. Should I use cloneDVD and open up Nero to do the test then?

cd-dvd speed is a freeware tool that you can find also without nero.

Anyway, you can use the version included in nero.

CD-DVD speed is totally unrelated to clonedvd or anydvd: it only allow to do scans of burned media

With DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn for burning images you can do a verify, as you can do with Nero for movies.

If DVD Shrink is giving you a problem (it uses Nero or DVD Decrypter as it’s burn engine) then most other burning tools will not give any better result.

You might need to review the media you’re using as this is one of the most common causes of bad burns, and lets face it there’s plenty of crap media about.

You need to let us know what burner you’re using & what media. CD-DVD Speed will give both these. The media ID (MID) , which is what we need, is found under Disc Info & would be something like MCC 004 or RITEKG05 etc.

Thanks for the quick help. You guys are great!

DVD Shrink usually works great for me but I needed anydvd for this particular disc.

I was just about to say that I have plenty of crap media but I just checked the Disc Info and it is made by Verbatim. The brand name is Velocity. Media ID: MCC 01RG20. Maybe still crap? I also have to question the quality of our home DVD player. I was using the Sony DRU-530a but we just got a new Sony DRU-810.

I guess I’ve had CD-DVD Speed all along but didn’t know that that was the program to use. So if I just want to quickly check my burned DVD before I file it away should I just do the transfer rate test (benchmark) and be done with it? Or is one of the other tests more important?

One more thing that’s not related: Is it still possible to get DVD Decryptor? It appears that I’ve missed the boat.

Velocity media are not verbatim, also if MID is MCC. Not all not-verbatim media are crap, but quality is always inferior to original verbatim.

To test quality you can do scan + transfer rate test. These two tests together are, in my opinion, the best way to check quality of a burn. Also verify after burning with decrypter/imgburn is a good way to test disc, but I personally do a scan/transfer rate test of every burned disc.

You can get it here

Depending on the burner you’ve got you might be able to do a disc quality check in CD-DVD Speed.

Liteon , Benq & some Philips & Sony burners should be fine for this , along with Plextor which has it’s own scanning tools.

to ensure burn integrity, i suggest creating md5 or other hash files prior to burning; then you check the md5 on the disk: if they’re ok, the files are ok. search on karen kenworthy’s site, there’s a free app for doing this.