Dvd Deterioration

Hi, I dont consider myself a Newbie or an expert. I have been doing dvd backup and recording since I bought my first pioneer ao3 burner back in 2002. Before the days of one click copy software. I have run into a lot of bad discs that i burned back in 05. They are ritek g05. I always checked my discs after burning with nero cd speed using scan disc. My burners didnt support the quality function at the time. My current lite on burner does use this feature and the discs are really bad. the graph goes up to 1600 errors. quailty is obviously zero. My question is, if I checked these discs after burning and they scanned ok, whay are they all so bad now? do they degrade over time? Now I check my discs with the quality check after burning and throw em away if they are under 75%. Is this going to put me right back in the same boat later if I keep discs less than 90%? I have about 100 ritdata discs left then I am going to Verbatim.


Ritek G05 dvds are classic examples of bad media. They often tiimes burned very nicely, and would scan well just after burning, but they deteriorated very quickly for many people. If you do a search in the Blank Media forum, you’ll find quite a few examples of this.

Use the ridata disks as temporary storage, transfer disks, etc. If there is something you want saved to disk for a longer period of time, use any variety of Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R.