DVD Degradation

Hi I have a problem with old DVD’s that range from about 9 months old to 2 years old. The problem I get is when I burn to a DVD and the play back is fine and it all works but if I try to play it again after a while the whole disc has CRC errors all over it. I have only really noticed this with DVD-R though as I have had Datasafe CD-R’s that have been working since about 2001…

This problem happens over many brands as well as I have alot of ritek 4X discs that have got this problem as well as some verbs but not as many and 1 or 2 TDK DVD’s. I have not been using cheaper brands like Bulkpaq and Mirror for long though but did find problems with the mirror DVD’s… they are really bad with 8 discs out of 50 no longer working after 5 months. But so far with the Bulkpaq it looks good with the bulkpaq orange 8X I got lasting me 9 months now.

So what does everyone else find is the best disc for lasting a while as just now the longest lasting disc I have are Datawrite Grey 4X

You will find this is normal with cheap media, and very infrequent with high quality media. Garbage in, garbage out! If it’s important, or critical, use professional grade media.


Again - Rob is absolutely correct - Good Media = Good Burns/Life - and Crap Media = Crap Burns/Life

The way and place you store your blank and burned media is also a factor - especially sunlight


Hey! Thanks for the prop’s bikemike… I’ve only been doing this for about a year, but man did I do some intensive research before I started…

I personally make more than one copy of important media. This way you have a backup copy incase the first disk gets physical damage, and also a backup (sealed away from UV light) that is less likely to deteriorate.